Local energy efficient upgrades underway

Arcadian works with new ownership to complete major renovation and energy efficient upgrades for large facility in Cambridge Ontario. many new manufacturing jobs just around the corner. Our construction team is enjoying working with such a great organization and look forward to working together to complete the project. RECENT POSTS [...]

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CED Partner Profile

Luke Shantz, President of Arcadian Projects sits down with CED Co-Op to discuss the solar industry and Arcadian's role in the future. Check out the full profile here.

2017-06-01T01:36:21+00:00 March 28th, 2017|Arcadian News|

New Industrial Project Manager

Arcadian Projects is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Hesch to their industrial project management team. Dan will be working closely with the other Project Managers and Coordinators to expand the industrial division. Dan’s office is located at Arcadian’s head office at 1439 Gingerich Road, Unit B2, Baden. Dan can be reached at [...]

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The ROTO-MILL Project is comprised of lighting upgrades to the head office facility, including the office, shop, warehouse and exterior of the building. T8 fluorescent lighting are being upgrade to much more cost effective LED lighting. This project falls under the criteria of the Save on Energy Program. The indoor cost savings will be [...]

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Rothsay International / Darlings Dundas

Phase 1 (lighting upgrade) of the Rothsay Project has been completed by Arcadian Projects with Phase 2 expected to begin in Spring 2017. During Phase 2 of the project, metal halide and fluorescents will be upgraded to LED lighting. The indoor LED’s will be high bay LED fixtures that are vapour tight (waterproof). Exterior [...]

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Volvo of Waterloo / Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Arcadian Projects was recently subcontracted by Northway Construction to complete Phase 1 of the electrical renovation at JLR Volvo in Waterloo, Ontario. The renovation consisted of showroom and office LED lighting and electrical upgrades. More efficient lighting will avoid higher electrical costs over the long-term. This project concluded in February 2017.   Click [...]

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Oxford County Solar Projects

Construction of three 10kW microFIT solar systems is underway by Arcadian Projects and will be completed by the end of February 2017. The three systems include: the Ingersoll Townhouses, Woodstock Petrol Yard, and Woodstock WWTP. These renewable energy projects meet the criteria of the microFIT program.

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ViLux Mouldings see huge savings with LED lighting upgrade

Arcadian Projects recently completed a lighting upgrade with ViLux Mouldings in Napanee, ON. With huge savings in hand, the alternative mouldings manufacturer is now running brighter and conserving over 400,000kWh of electricity per year.  Using high-efficiency GE Albeo highbay LED's, Philips Fluxstream LEDs and GE BT LED's (all with a 5 year warranty) to replace metal [...]

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