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groundmount renewable solar energy
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Specifically designed for your site and your application, your renewable solar energy system will be a valuable long-term investment.

We work with our customers on a variety of different types of solar projects including flat rooftop, pitched roof, tracker systems, ground mount systems including solar farms and solar gardens and custom applications.

Arcadian Projects offers the following Solar Energy services:


Need help figuring out the right system for your application? We will consult with you to determine the optimal system to provide the most value for your business.

Licensed electrical contracting services

Arcadian provides in-house, qualified, licensed electricians who are well versed in the evolving regulatory ESA codes and safety regulations, and are supported by industry specific, current metering equipment.

Subcontracting services

We work with developers providing all certified trades and equipment services for solar energy projects.

Commercial net metering

Already have a solar system? We can enhance your energy savings by expanding your system to offset your electricity consumption by installing a net metering system.

Contract administration

We handle all of the paperwork -Yes – all of it! From application through to approval, we look after all contract administration from IESO, hydro companies, building departments, engineers and municipalities.

Operation, service & maintenance packages (O&M)

To keep your system operating efficiently, regular scheduled maintenance is critical to achieve maximum production, payback goals and increase the longevity of all your system components*. *Some manufacturers may require scheduled O&M programs to honour warranty.

Turnkey Solar Project

From start to finish, Arcadian looks after the engineering, procurement and contracting of your solar system.

Thinking about building a FIT, MicroFit or Net Metering system?

From consulting to construction, Arcadian provides full service solar expertise.

Learn More about FIT and MicroFIT