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What is a MicroFIT System?

A MicroFIT system is a renewable solar energy system residing on your property that is 10 kW or less in size. The IESO provides a MicroFIT program in which using your system you produce and deliver electricity to the Ontario electricity grid, under a guaranteed price for a 20-year term.

What is a FIT System?

A FIT system is a larger renewable solar energy system between 11 kW and 500 kW residing on your property (i.e. flat rooftop), and falls under the FIT program.

Arcadian Projects provides the following services for your renewable solar project:

Hassle-free applications & approvals

  • submission with Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and local hydro applications
  • engineering studies with our fully certified engineer, experienced in structural requirements for solar power generation
  • management of all required approvals, including monitoring all information requirements

Customized design & installation

  • project-specific solar photovoltaic (PV) system design
  • procurement of all solar equipment
  • complete turn-key projects from start to finish

Professional system monitoring

  • Internet based, real-time system monitoring to track your solar production
  • system fault alerts
  • accessible with Internet access from anywhere

Reliable service & maintenance package

  • power analyzing testing equipment to measure pv curve, megger tests, voltage readings etc.
  • inspections, including structure, support racking, module checks, inverter testing and cleaning
  • project-specific maintenance plans
  • applicable for all solar projects
  • warranty management

Inverter house assembly

  • installation of 500 kW inverters and associated components (applicable to 10 mW solar parks)
  • combine panels and step-up transformers for individual 1 mW and 2 mW buildings

Off-grid projects

  • design, supply and installation of off-grid solar projects
  • includes both solar and combination wind solar

Building your solar project.

How to participate in the Ontario energy rebates FIT program and MicroFIT program, and the 3 steps to take you to producing renewable energy.

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