Renewable Energy Solutions For Your Home From Experienced Energy Professionals and Certified Trades.

Arcadian Projects has provided integrated energy solutions for over 12 years, including renewable solar energy systems, battery energy storage systems, energy monitoring, EV charging systems, maintenance service and net-zero homes.

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We are experts in solar panel installation and system integration.

We design for your site and your application, to ensure that your renewable solar energy system will be a valuable long-term investment.

Solar for every application.

Residential Solar

Solar panels for your home are usually located on a pitched roofline that faces West/Southwest to get the most sun. In some cases, homeowners will install solar panels on a flat roof like a carport, garage or pergola.

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Commercial Solar

Large commercial solar systems use flat roof solar panels and are found on warehouses, manufacturing and large retailer buildings. Smaller commercial applications use both flat roof  & pitched roof solar panels systems.

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Agricultural Solar

Solar systems installed in agricultural settings use various types of renewable solar systems including pitched roof solar panels, ground-mount solar panels and rotating ground-mount tracker panels.

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Net Metering Solar

Net metering solar systems are solar systems installed with an additional meter that offsets your electricity usage with the energy your renewable solar system produces, essentially “re-winding” your hydrometer.

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We work with our customers on a variety of different types of solar systems including:

  • Flat Roof Solar

  • Ground Mount Solar

  • Pitched Roof Solar

  • Tracker Systems

  • Solar Farms

  • Custom Applications

Energy storage systems for your home.

Energy storage systems can provide reliable, green backup power for your home. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) can be used with or without solar and provide versatile flexibility when integrating other energy-efficient measures such as geothermal and hydronic heating systems.

Energy monitoring and smart home systems. Take control of your energy.

How much energy are you really using? From large electricity consumers like your HVAC system to vampire consumption such as turned off but plugged in electronics, understanding your energy usage is the top priority in energy management.

We work with energy monitoring platforms and smart home devices and applications that provide real-time insights, the ability to adjust, set alerts and provide historical data for your energy usage—all with user-friendly smartphone and tablet compatibility.

EV Charging for your home and business.

Powering your electric vehicle where you need it.

We source and install the type of EV charging station you require at your home, office or cottage, from level 1 to level 3 chargers.

Net Zero – Zero Carbon, Zero Emissions & Off-grid

Whichever is your goal, we can help you integrate the systems that will help you.