Arcadian Projects helps companies optimize their energy usage and manage their energy output and energy loss. We usually start this process through an energy audit of your facility. The audit determines where you are using your energy – processes, lighting systems, HVAC systems etc., and where you can conserve energy – retrofits, upgrades, preventive heat loss products.

This leads to the next steps for defining what types of opportunities are available for your specific application, to provide energy savings. Arcadian’s Energy Management Team can help your organization through energy conservation projects that include:

Building services: heating, cooling and process heat management
Inefficient building services use more energy to run with equally higher operational costs. We implement high-efficiency HVAC and process heating systems to reduce energy demand and energy costs.

Turnkey solutions for air movement and heat loss
Not all energy management is related to power sources. Organizations must consider heat loss and efficient distribution of airflow as well, through items such as large industrial fans and air curtains.

Power analysis audits/ Power factor correction
Through power analysis audits we are able to help you determine where power factor correction can be applied. Power factor correction will help to:

  • stream line your power (kVA) with your working power (kW), leveling out power inequalities and creating a more efficient energy consumption
  • help you use your energy more efficiently
  • eliminate significant penalties from hydro companies

Service upgrades & electrical contracting
Sizing your building services to meet your business needs.

Energy storage
Integrating the use of batteries to store energy that can be used during peak periods.

What is energy management and how does it work for my company?

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves: “When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization.” (BizEE Energy Lens) Commercial and Industrial businesses may be eligible for energy rebates through the Save ON Energy program, part of the Ontario Energy Rebates.



Energy Savings for Industrial Plants



Class A consumers will be able to reduce their energy demand, energy costs and global adjustment (GA) charges through various energy management strategies and software applications. Actions such as peak shaving, implementing net metering, battery storage and response software can provide significant decreases to your energy costs.

Arcadian Projects and our strategic partners bring full-scale energy reduction integration to Class A consumers, utilizing the most sophisticated software and hardware technology to reduce energy demand and energy costs.

What is Global Adjustment (GA)?

Your Global Adjustment charge is implemented by the Government. The charge is based on energy consumed during peak demand periods. Reducing your energy consumption during peak demand periods will reduce your global adjustment charge. You can learn more about Global Adjustment and peak demand here.