Integrating energy storage systems into your energy management plan is key to controlling energy usage and costs. Arcadian works with independent large consumers and Utility’s to design and construct energy storage systems that help achieve energy management goals.

Energy storage systems or battery storage systems, are used for various purposes in energy management.

  • peak shaving

  • reducing global adjustment charges

  • load shedding

  • grid stabilization

  • reliable backup power

Arcadian has installed over 60MW hours of battery storage in Ontario

We are involved with energy storage systems at many different levels. From working as a subcontractor to install an 8.8MW battery storage facility to partnering with a team of energy experts providing software and hardware solutions, we will build your energy storage system custom for your application. 

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Class A consumers will be able to reduce their energy demand, energy costs and global adjustment (GA) charges through various energy management strategies and software applications. Actions such as peak shaving, implementing net metering, battery storage and response software can provide significant decreases to your energy costs.

Arcadian Projects and our strategic partners bring full-scale energy reduction integration to Class A consumers, utilizing the most sophisticated software and hardware technology to reduce energy demand and energy costs.

What is Global Adjustment (GA)?

Your Global Adjustment charge is implemented by the Government. The charge is based on energy consumed during peak demand periods. Reducing your energy consumption during peak demand periods will reduce your global adjustment charge. You can learn more about Global Adjustment and peak demand here.