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Sustainable solar energy solutions – investing in the future of renewable energy.


The Arcadian Solar Team will make your renewable energy project a hassle-free experience. Our solar portfolio speaks for itself – we encourage you to take a look.

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LED lighting systems – providing cost effective lighting solutions for your organization.


Save between 50% to 80% of your current lighting electricity consumption with an LED lighting upgrade. Turning lighting into operational energy savings.

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Optimized energy consumption – energy savings that impact your bottom line.


The Arcadian Team will help you determine where your energy efficiency opportunities are most lucrative and work with you to save energy.

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Your in-house, certified trades team – Supporting all Arcadian projects.


For your energy, industrial or preventative maintenance project, AP’s got you covered with Certified Industrial Millwrights, Electricians, HVAC and Fabrication trades.

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Net Metering at affordable costs.

August 16th, 2016|Comments Off on Net Metering at affordable costs.

LDC’s are reducing their costs on net metering! What does this mean for you? It is now even more affordable for consumers and a great time to install a net metering system on your property. [...]

2016 Lighting Rebates

July 10th, 2016|Comments Off on 2016 Lighting Rebates

Lighting Rebates 2016 (Last Updated August 16, 2016) Better late than never, it is finally here - the new lighting initiatives are finalized! The new lighting rebates are out as of June 20, 2016, from the [...]

ATS goes LED

July 3rd, 2016|Comments Off on ATS goes LED

ATS Automation in Cambridge is making the jump to conserving energy with a major LED lighting retrofit. We are excited to help ATS move forward with their plan for operational sustainability. Keep posted for project [...]

Partnering with the City of Stratford

June 29th, 2016|Comments Off on Partnering with the City of Stratford

We are so pleased to be approved as a vendor for the City of Stratford and awarded the electrical maintenance package. Looking forward to working with the good people of Stratford.

New microFIT 4.0 Program

June 27th, 2016|Comments Off on New microFIT 4.0 Program

On June 21, 2016 the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) announced that the microFIT Program 4.0 is now open, complete with final documentation. More information is available on the microFIT Website. Changes to the [...]

GreenMantra Complete!

June 23rd, 2016|Comments Off on GreenMantra Complete!

After working with GreenMantra Technologies over the past several years the new facility is complete, with the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony taking place June 22.  Congratulations GreenMantra! View the Brant News story on Green [...]

Lighting Rebates 2016
(Last Updated August 16, 2016)

The new lighting rebates are out as of June 20, 2016, from the IESO. Businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption and operational expenses will still see a significant rebate under the new program. The most notable changes to the program occur under the Prescriptive Indoor and Outdoor rebate categories. These changes include a slight reduction in rebate amounts, and the engineered option will now be categorized under the custom category.

The custom rebates (including engineered rebates) are now required to submit a Measurement and Verification Plan (M&V Plan) when the incentive is above a certain number. A basic M&V Plan submittal will be required when the incentive is under $10,000. A more detailed M&V Plan will be required when the incentive is over $25,000 and less than $50,000.

The Prescriptive Indoor and Outdoor rebates are as follows (including a selection of lighting products most currently used by Arcadian Projects):

Prescriptive Outdoor
Base case wattage:
50 to 75:              $25
100 to 175:          $50
200 to 250:        $75
400 to 450
(LED under 200W):     $110

400 to 450
(LED over 200W):        $70

750 to 1000:       $275
Prescriptive Indoor
LED troffers:
2’x2’:  $35
1’x4’:  $40
2’x4’:  $50
Occupancy Sensors
$40/300W > $30
(fixture mounted highbays)
$15 (switch plate mounted)

Most businesses will benefit from the lighting rebate program. Arcadian Projects is well versed in all aspects of planning and executing lighting projects including all application submittals and M&V plans. Call or email us today to discuss your best lighting project options, we are here to help! Take a look at some of our lighting projects.